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The quality material and craftsmanship makes the James Baroud Odyssey an all purpose roof top tent, the perfect choice for any kind of camping or overlanding. It is lightweight (can be installed by 2 people in a driveway), can fit up to 2 adults and 1 child, resistant to the most extreme environments, maximum comfort from the High Density Mattress and 100% blackout, insulated and resistant fabric, and one of the easiest and fastest tents to open and close (1 minute).

So whether you’re overlanding alone in the desert or camping with your family in the woods, you can count on the James Baroud Odyssey for the most quality, safety and comfort you can find.

Open and Close

Once the shell is unlatched and given a nudge on each end, the high-pressure pistons raise the tent by themselves. Then you just climb inside and pull each locking handle in until it clicks, securing the pistons in the open position, with the tent walls perfectly tensioned. When you’re ready to break camp, just push on those same four handles. You’ll hear another click and the piston "elbows” will bend, allowing you to close the shell with that convenient rubber handle.


James Baroud Odyssey Metallic Gray Half Open

Constructed from a thick ABS material with a UV protection layer, these shells are built to last, providing exceptional durability and resistance to the elements. Whether you encounter heavy rain, strong winds, or extreme temperatures, the Frontier Series shells will stand up to the challenge, ensuring a reliable and comfortable shelter.

James Baroud Odyssey Metallic Gray closed from the side

Not only do the Frontier Series shells excel in functionality, but they also boast an eye-catching streamline and aerodynamic design. Adding a touch of style to your rooftop setup and also enhancing fuel efficiency when driving with the tent closed. Experience a smooth and efficient journey as you embark on your overlanding trips.

James Baroud Odyssey White Gear Slots outside James Baroud Odyssey inside gear slots

Additionally, the shells feature an innovative aluminum profile rim with integrated gutters, or gear slots. This allows for effortless attachment and sliding of gear both inside and outside the tent, maximizing your storage capabilities and overall customization.

Customization is made easy with the Frontier Series shells, as they come in a variety of color options. Whether you prefer the timeless white, sleek black, or sophisticated metallic gray, you can select the color that best suits your personal taste and preferences. 

Embracing environmental consciousness, the Frontier Series shells are constructed with 100% recyclable materials. This makes them the first rooftop tent shells to offer such a sustainable feature, allowing you to enjoy your camping adventures while minimizing your impact on the environment.


James Baroud Odyssey on the side

The gray canvas of the James Baroud Odyssey rooftop tent is composed of a coated high-quality 3-layered fabric, with a weight of . The fabric boasts double seams, ensuring robustness and durability, while effectively reflecting solar rays and offering excellent resistance to UV radiation, heat, and water. Its curved aluminum guides facilitate water drainage and enhance wind resistance, tested and proven to withstand gusts of up to 120 km/h (75 mph).

James Baroud Odyssey with all windows open

With a focus on comfort and convenience, the Fabric provides a remarkable 360º panoramic view through its windows and doors. These openings are equipped with the James Baroud Mosquito Netting, which utilizes cutting-edge technology for maximum strength and durability. Tested in various environments, the netting ensures optimal protection against insects.

 James Baroud Odyssey fabric close up

It offers unparalleled acoustic and thermal insulation, allowing for a peaceful rest even in challenging conditions. The 100% blackout technology, combined with rubber cursors on all zippers, ensures a quiet and undisturbed sleep, even in the face of strong winds. The soundproof fabric ensures a quiet and tranquil camping experience.

james baroud odyssey pvc window

The rear door features a transparent PVC window, which can be closed to shield against adverse weather conditions while still allowing light to enter. It is also secured with a double-seamed Velcro strip, ensuring impermeability and providing an additional safety measure. 

James Baroud Odyssey back view of the rubber handle

A rubber handle located on the external part of the rear door simplifies the closing process, eliminating the need to deal with zippers.

Odyssey Modular Fabric Scheme

The Frontier Series fabric continues the brand's commitment to innovation and practicality. It retains the ability to replace the fabric independently, a feature first introduced in the Evolution Series. It consists of six separate parts, allowing for individual replacement to facilitate easier repairs in case of minor damages.

The exterior of the tent showcases a new textured design, adorned with the James Baroud logo. The overall design maintains a balance between privacy and panoramic openings, offering a large and immersive view without compromising the user's discretion. The unique concept encourages users to position their heads in the taller part of the bottom canvas, ensuring privacy, while their feet occupy the lower section, allowing for a full 360º view, even while lying down.

Solar-Powered Vent

James Baroud Solar-Powered Ceiling Vent close shot from inside

The James Baroud Solar Powered Vent is an advanced ventilation system specifically engineered to reduce condensation and enhance airflow within our hard shell roof top tents. With its integrated design, this fan seamlessly integrates into the tent without compromising its structural integrity.

James Baroud Solar-Powered Ceiling Vent from the top

Featuring a robust capacity of 19.2m3/h (11.3 CFM), or seven times the volume of the tent, the solar-powered fan ensures efficient air circulation, minimizing condensation build-up and maintaining a dry interior environment. Its ceiling-mounted placement allows for optimal distribution of airflow throughout the tent and easy access to the on/off switch.

Equipped with a high-capacity 24-hour battery, the solar fan operates silently and effectively, providing continuous ventilation even during extended periods of use. The fan's automatic recharging functionality takes advantage of sunlight, ensuring uninterrupted operation without the need for manual charging.

High-pressure Piston Arms

James Baroud High-pressure piston arms

The Frontier Series High-pressure Piston Arms are a precision-engineered component of the series, designed to provide reliable and effortless operation. These arms utilize advanced hydraulic technology to ensure smooth and controlled opening and closing of the tent.

Designed to ensure a secure and stable tent structure, even in windy conditions, providing optimal tension to keep the tent fabric taut and properly aligned, enhancing overall stability and withstand winds up to 120 km/h (55 mph). With an innovative and easy to use locking mechanism, you can secure the arms in place in less than a minute. From inside the tent, the pistons are protected by a fabric cover to ensure you won't come in contact with cold metal during your sleep.

James Baroud Frontier Crossbars from the top

These robust piston arms have the strength to lift up to 25 kg (55 lbs) of additional cargo on top of the James Baroud Frontier Crossbars, expanding your storage options and allowing you to bring along essential gear for your outdoor journeys. 

High-density Mattress

 James Baroud High Density Mattress

Experience unparalleled comfort during your rooftop tent adventures with the James Baroud High-density Mattress. Designed specifically for long trips and maximum comfort, this foam mattress features a density of 28kg/m3 (1.75 lb/ft3) and a height of 65mm (2.5 inches), making it one of the most comfortable options on the market.

James Baroud High Density Mattress macro

Additionally, the mattress comes in a convenient washable cover, allowing you to keep it clean and fresh for your next outdoor journey.

PVC floor mat under the mattress

In the Frontier Series, we've taken comfort to the next level by including a PVC floor mat beneath the mattress. This addition further enhances your sleeping experience, providing a soft and cushioned surface inside the tent. 

James Baroud High Density Mattress with the James Baroud Anti-condensation Mattress

For those seeking additional comfort and insulation, our optional Anti-Condensation Pad is the perfect accessory. By allowing air to flow through the pad beneath the mattress, it not only adds a touch of softness but also helps reduce condensation, ensuring a comfortable and dry sleeping environment.

Portable Light

James Baroud Portable Light from inside the tent

The light inside the tent is assured by the James Baroud Portable Light. With a USB rechargeable lithium battery that allows several hours of use before recharging.

It’s removable and versatile for every camping occasion, with built-in magnets allowing instant, secure attachment to any metal surface, and it can be attached on the arm of a backpack for hiking. It also comes with a red colored light option to avoid insects and improve night vision.

James Baroud LED Lantern Front James Baroud LED Lantern With spot turned sideways James Baroud LED Lantern with USB recharger exposed James Baroud LED Lantern Magnetic attachment

Interior Storage

James Baroud Odyssey Roof storage net

James Baroud hardshell tents are equipped with a spacious ceiling net that provides a convenient storage solution for clothes and lightweight items, keeping them elevated and off the floor. Additionally, the tents feature multiple pockets that can be easily attached to the ceiling using a reliable Velcro strip. These pockets offer a secure and accessible storage option for smartphones, small gear, and other essentials, ensuring they are within reach whenever needed.

The Frontier Internal Storage is also equipped with advanced internal rail gutters, also known as "gear slots", that offer unparalleled customization options for your storage needs. The gear slots are strategically positioned throughout the tent's upper interior, and to attach new gear, simply slide a t-bolt head into the rail and secure it in place with a nut.

Even when closed, our roof top tents have 20cm (7.8 inches) of vertical space. That’s enough to store two sleeping bags or blankets, two pillows, two sets of nightclothes and your James Baroud Ladder.  


James Baroud Latches on the side

At the rear end of the tent, you'll find two strong high-density polymer latches. These latches are specially designed to withstand the challenges of rugged terrain during overlanding adventures. Unlike traditional metal latches, they can’t rust or freeze, offering exceptional durability, ensuring a secure and steadfast closure.

James Baroud Odyssey attachment profile and rail closed James Baroud Odyssey Attachment Profile

At the front, you'll discover a unique and aerodynamically designed attachment profile. This front rail or crevice along the top of the tent shell is ingeniously crafted to provide a seamless and effortless closing experience. The bottom shell of the tent features a shell-wide attachment that perfectly fits into this front rail. When it's time to close the tent, simply attach the bottom part to the top part by sliding the attachment into the rail. 

With the combination of the strong high-density polymer latches and the unique front rail attachment profile, the closing mechanism of the Frontier Series sets a new standard in convenience and reliability. 


Jolene Van Vugt’s UTV build with the James Baroud Evasion and Ladder

Jolene Van Vugt’s UTV equipped it with the James Baroud Evasion rooftop tent and ladder

The included James Baroud Ladder adjusts to match your vehicle’s height extending up to 2.4m (7.8 feet), supports up to 200kg (440 lbs) and features non-slip, ergonomically-designed steps. The feet are rubber-coated for a firm grip on varying terrain, and the design allows the ladder to flex slightly when the tent moves, so it doesn’t damage the shell when locked into place. 

James Baroud Odyssey Ladder Fixings

The James Baroud rooftop tents feature a reliable locking mechanism for attaching the ladder to either side of the tent. Designed with durability in mind, the locking mechanism utilizes high-quality aluminum construction, offering a lightweight yet sturdy solution. Once locked into place at the desired angle, the ladder remains securely attached even during movement inside the tent or in the face of strong winds

James Baroud Ladder James Baroud Ladder Inside the bag

The James Baroud Ladder comes with a convenient PVC storage bag, providing protection against sand, mud, and water during transportation. When it's time to pack up and move on, the storage bag keeps these elements from entering your tent. Additionally, the ladder can be easily stored inside the tent when closing it, saving valuable space and ensuring a tidy setup for your next adventure.

James Baroud Ladders Standard and XXL side by side

You can also order the optional James Baroud Ladder XL, which has the same weight capacity, but extends to 3m (9.8 feet). 

Clamps & Mounting Rails

James Baroud Clamps on the tent without bars

The James Baroud Clamps have been redesigned to provide a versatile mounting solution for your rooftop tent. With an adjustable range of 30mm to 85mm (1.18" to 3.35") in width, they can securely attach the tent to your vehicle's roof top load bars or rack

James Baroud Clamps Pieces

These clamps are made of rust-proof, freeze-proof, high-density polymer, designed to provide a safe and secure attachment for the rooftop tent, even when traversing rugged terrains and extreme roads. With a torque resistance of 14 Nm (10.32 lb-ft), they ensure the tent remains firmly secured, offering peace of mind during off-road adventures. Each James Baroud tent comes with three sets of mounting clamps, totaling six clamps, and additional clamps can be ordered separately for added flexibility to your build.
Clamps Manual

James Baroud Odyssey bottom view of the Rails

The bottom part of the tent is equipped with two sets of mounting rails specifically designed for the James Baroud Clamps to be attached. In total, there are four rails, organized in two couples. The first couple has a distance of 53cm (20.87") between the rails, while the second couple has a distance of 79cm (31.10"). This configuration allows for flexibility in installation and accommodates various sizes and types of roof bars or roof racks.

For optimal mounting, we recommend your vehicle to have a minimum of two load bars for casual camping and three load bars for overlanding trips. The load bars should have a dynamic weight capacity of 45 kg (100 lbs) each. The mounting process is straightforward and requires only a 6mm hex wrench as the sole tool.

Option - Frontier Crossbars

James Baroud Frontier Crossbars

One of the biggest innovations of the Frontier Series is the possibility to add bars to the roof top tent due to the stronger polymer and new design. You can now attach the Frontier Crossbars accessory (sold separately) to hold surfboards, kayaks, solar panels and even extra cargo above the tent. 

James Baroud Frontier Crossbars

A Frontier tent with James Baroud Crossbars can accommodate 25kg (55lbs) of extra gear when open due to its strong piston arms, and 70kg (150 lbs) when closed. Note that it’s actually the pistons that support the Crossbars that carry the weight; do not load items directly on the tent shell.


5 Years Warranty: It includes the ABS, the mechanism, the canvas, the lift supports, the ladder and its fixings, the zippers, the mosquito net, the mattress, the rail and fixings, the headliner of the upper shell.

2 Years Warranty: It includes the color, the extractor, the flashlight, the tent locks.

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Width Length Open Height Closed Height Capacity
Odyssey M 140cm (55’) 200cm (78.7’) 100cm (39’) 33.5cm (13’)

James Baroud Odyssey Manual

James Baroud Clamps Manual
Wind Tested
High density foam mattress
Interior storage
LED Flashlight
Panoramic View Full 360º View
Suitable for most cars
Telescopic ladder
Waterproof fabric
Auto opening Strut Assisted