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The quality material and craftsmanship makes the James Baroud Odyssey an all purpose roof top tent, the perfect choice for any kind of camping or overlanding. It is lightweight (can be installed by 2 people in a driveway), can fit up to 2 adults and 1 child, resistant to the most extreme environments, maximum comfort from the High Density Mattress and 100% blackout, insulated and resistant fabric, and one of the easiest and fastest tents to open and close (1 minute).

So whether you’re overlanding alone in the desert or camping with your family in the woods, you can count on the James Baroud Odyssey for the most quality, safety and comfort you can find.

Open and Close


Along with the streamlined shape designed for extra durability and aerodynamic, the James Baroud Frontier models of roof top tents shells are made with a thick ABS plastic (4mm) that is strong, durable and resistant to heat and light. It also has a layer coated on the outside that gives it extra UV protection, a great resistance to extreme weather and resilience to the color when exposed to the elements.

James Baroud Odyssey closed rear view
A specially designed aluminum profile rim with several integrated gutters that easily allows attach and slide different accessories inside and outside the tent.

James Baroud Odyssey closed rear view focused on the rails

The James Baroud Frontier hard shell roof top tents comes in standard White, but for an additional fee you can buy it in Black or Metallic Gray for extra style.

At the bottom of the tent there are cavities for 8 slide gutters to position and attach the fixing clips to the ceiling bars of the vehicle, which allows the range of ceiling bar widths to increase. Origin will apply 2 pairs that allow us to use two distances between clips, one 560mm and another that allows the width of 72mm, and can optionally be applied two more pairs of  slide gutters that will allow widths between the clamps of 70 and 100mm. An additional rail may be applied to a measure between those already existing. The tent is attached to the roof rack or bars with the James Baroud Clamps

Due to the manufacturing process the New Frontier Serie, the roof top tents have more precise dimensions and holes. It is now possible to exchange only one shell if it gets damaged, instead of replacing both upper and lower half completely.


The gray canvas consists of a coated high-quality 3 layered fabric, with 650 gr/m2, double seams that reflects solar rays and is resistant to UV, heat and water. It is fitted under a curved aluminum guides towards the outside of the shell, ensuring a perfect water drainage and strong wind resistance, tested in gusts of wind of 120km/h

Odyssey Fabric

This roof top tent has the trademarked 360º view through its windows and doors with the Mosquito Net stitched right into the fabric. The James Baroud Mosquito Net is made with the strongest and most durable technology in the market, it was tested in all environments.

James Baroud Odyssey fabric focusing on stitches James Baroud Odyssey fabric focusing on the side door closed

When closed, you can enjoy a full night's rest with an improved acoustic and thermal insulation, 100% blackout technology and rubber cursors on all the zippers, a simple system so it can be very silent even with heavy wind. 

The rear door features a transparent PVC window for when it’s raining or cold, the window can be closed from outside weather but light still comes inside. It’s closed with a double seamed velcro strip for perfect impermeability and also as a safety measure, if there is any emergency inside the tent it’s much easier to open the velcro to exit the tent rather than the zippers.

James Baroud Odyssey back door with PVC window

We also improved the closing method with the addition of a handle in the external part of the rear door, now to close the tent you just need to leave the door zippers open and pull that rubber handle. Different from the Evolution series, we removed the back ribbon that could beat and make noise with the wind.

James Baroud Odyssey back view of the rubber handle

The James Baroud Evolution Series was the first hard shell roof top tent which you were able to replace the fabric without having to acquire a whole tent. And now the Frontier series have a modular canvas with 6 parts that can be replaced individually to make it easier to fix a small damage.

From the outside, the fabric has a new texture with the new James Baroud logo, and the streamlined design with large and panoramic openings without compromising the user's privacy. The concept of the design is to put your head in the taller part of the bottom canvas - so people can’t see you inside - and your feet in the lower - so you can take advantage of the full 360º view even while laying down.

Solar Powered Vent

Like all James Baroud hard shell roof top tents, this tent is one of the few with a shell strong enough to make it possible to have a hole in the middle to attach the James Baroud Solar Powered Vent in it without compromising the structure. 

James Baroud Fan from the outside of the tent James Baroud Solar Vent from inside the tent

The fan is the best technology to prevent condensation and help exhaust heat, thereby avoiding humidity and fungi. The solar fan is silent and has a 24-hour battery which is automatically recharged while in the sun. With a capacity of 19.2m3/h, this fan was conceived to circulate a volume seven times the size of our bigger tent.

Information about the Vents**

Extraction Capacity 19,2 m3/hour*
Internal Volume 2,5 m3
Hourly Renewals 7,5
Ventilator Efficiency 106,60

* Efficiency controlled when comparing the renewals per hour inside the tent, using the same amount of a room for two people as in the ASHRAE normative: Proper ventilation for an acceptable air quality in close quarters.
** According to directive 2011/65/EU.

High Pressure Piston Arms

The closing and opening of the tent is automatically assisted through 4 hydraulic dampers and articulated arms, the pistons assure the tension of the fabric of the rooftop tent for perfect wind resistance. It has a patented locking mechanism where it can be fine tuned for best performance.

James Baroud Odyssey pison arm inside and open James Baroud Odyssey pison arm inside and open in a different angle

After opening the tent with just a nudge, you just need to lock all 4 arms individually from inside the tent.To do that, just pull the handle that is behind each piston elbow until you hear a ‘click’.

To unlock the piston arms, just push the same handle until you hear the same ‘click’ sound.

From inside the tent, the pistons are protected by a canvas cover to improve comfort, the concept is that you don’t touch the cold metal during your nights sleep.

High Density Mattress

Inside the tent you’ll find the James Baroud High Density Mattress made for long trips and maximum comfort. With 28kg/m3 density and 65mm high, it is often reported as the most comfortable in the market. 

James Baroud High Density Mattress

Also, in the Frontier series, you’ll also find an Isolating PVC flooring to improve comfort. And if you want to take an extra step towards comfort and insulation, take a look at the Anti-condensation Mattress accessory (sold separately). It can add a little more softness to the mattress and avoid condensation by allowing air to flow below it.

James Baroud Odyssey with a view for the mattress and the PVC flooring James Baroud Odyssey with a view for the mattress and the PVC flooring

Mattress Certification

Density 28kg/m3 ISO 845
Tensile strength 115 Kpa ISO 1798
Air permeability 828 L/dm2/min ISO 8237


The light inside the tent is assured by the James Baroud LED Lantern. With a USB rechargeable lithium battery of 2600mAH, it allows several hours of use before recharging.

It’s also removable and versatile for every camping occasion. You can attach it to any metal surface due to a magnetic side, or even the arm of a backpack for hiking. It also comes with a red colored light to avoid insects and improve night vision.

James Baroud LED Lantern Front James Baroud LED Lantern With spot turned sideways James Baroud LED Lantern with USB recharger exposed James Baroud LED Lantern Magnetic attachment James Baroud LED Lantern Attached to the tent James Baroud LED Lantern Attached to the tent

  • Strong 3W LED light in the front with 2 intensities
    • 360º rotation adjustment so it can serve as a spotlight inside the tent, or you can fit in your backpack to light ahead
  • COB light on the side with the colors
    • White for visibility
    • Red to be softer on the eye, improve the night vision and keep bugs away
    • Blinking red for SOS or as a presence light behind when hiking
  • Durable 2600mAh battery with a USB charger
  • Strong magnet so you can attach to any metal surface
    • It's articulate, so you can change the angle of the light after attaching it

Interior Storage

The hard shell roof top tents are featured with a storage net on the upper part of the interior.

James Baroud Odyssey headliner with storage net James Baroud Odyssey headliner with storage net

Images with components in different colors for demonstration purposes

When closed, the tent has a space for storage of 20cm (7.8') in height. In this space, it is possible to store:
  • 2 sleeping bags or blankets
  • 2 pillows
  • 2 sleeping clothes
  • The James Baroud Stairs

Frontier Crossbars

One of the biggest innovations of the Frontier Series is the possibility to add bars to the roof top tent due to the stronger polymer and new design. You can now attach the Frontier Crossbars accessory (sold separately) to hold surfboards, kayaks, solar panels and even extra cargo above the tent. 

James Baroud Odyssey cargo bars attachment James Baroud Frontier Crossbars


The Frontier series Locks are now made of a strong polymer instead of metal. They were designed to resist extreme cold and rain while also being easy to open and close. To improve the tent aerodynamics, there are now only 2 Locks on the back sides; the front part of the tent has a new patented locking mechanism to make it easier and faster.

James Baroud Frontier Locks James Baroud Frontier Locks tent open


The ladder is adjustable to the vehicle height and flexible to match movement when people move inside the roof top tent. With non-slip and ergonomic steps, it is sent inside the tent in a bag made of canvas and PVC, to avoid sand, mud and water getting inside the tent.

James Baroud Ladder Closed  James Baroud Ladder inside bag

It has a lock mechanism attached so it doesn't fall even with high winds and rain, it also has a rubber finishing in the bottom so it sticks to every terrain. The James Baroud Ladder was designed and tested to withstand weights around 200kg (440lbs).

James Baroud Odyssey ladder attachment

The ladder supplied with the tent is 2.40cm (95’) high. You can also ask for a Ladder XXL (sold separately) measuring 300cm (118’) for extra height.


The new James Baroud Clamps now are more versatile and can be attached to bars with varied width between 30mm (1.18") and 85mm (3.35"). It is also made of a strong polymer so it won’t rust, it’s easier to attach to the car and can resist a torque of 14 N m. The tent is delivered with  6 sets of James Baroud Clamps, more can be ordered separately.

James Baroud Clamps attached to the rails without bars

To install, you’ll only need a 6mm hex key (manual or electrical).

James Baroud Clamps all parts Clamps possible assembly tools

Concerning the roof bars, the minimum suggested for the James Baroud roof top tents are 2 bars with the capacity of 45kg (99lbs) dynamic weight each. 3 are optimal.


5 Years Warranty: It includes the ABS, the mechanism, the canvas, the lift supports, the ladder and its fixings, the zippers, the mosquito net, the mattress, the rail and fixings, the headliner of the upper shell.

2 Years Warranty: It includes the color, the extractor, the flashlight, the tent locks.

Read more about warranty

Width Length Open Height Closed Height Capacity
Odyssey M 140cm 200cm 100cm 33.5cm

James Baroud Odyssey Manual

James Baroud Clamps Manual
Wind Tested
High density foam mattress
Interior storage
LED Flashlight
Panoramic View Full 360º View
Suitable for most cars
Telescopic ladder
Waterproof fabric
Auto opening Strut Assisted