Frontier Series

If you know James Baroud, you know that our roof top tents are considered one of the best choices when it comes to raw materials and overall quality, and there however there is always room for improvements. Our Research & Development team reviewed and redesigned every aspect of our roof top tents focusing on even more comfort, safety and durability. Followed by our renowned Evolution series, the Frontier roof top tents now occupy the top tier quality roof top tents you can find. 

  • Thick (4mm) ABS shell with UV protection coating
  • New coated high-quality 3 layered canvas with double seams that reflects solar rays, is UV, heat and water resistant and permeable to air
  • New Clamps and extra bottom rails to easy attachment
  • Solar Powered Vent to avoid condensation
  • Rear window with transparent PVC for light to come inside with the tent closed
  • New high pressure piston arms
  • New locks that doesn't freeze or rust and make it easier to open and close
  • A new James Baroud Frontier Cargo Bars accessory to hold surfboards, kayaks, solar panels and even extra cargo above the tent. 

Evolution Series

The Evolution Series hard shell roof tents are appreciated all over the world by generations of campers and overlanders, it's not just for their overall top level of quality, they are comfortable, resistant to extreme climatic conditions, easy to use and manufactured in Europe with 100% European materials.

Among the many advantages, they have:
  • 360° panoramic vision with the mosquito net
  • Thick and dense mattresses, often reported as the most comfortable in the market
  • Open and closes in 1 minute with automatic opening assisted by gas struts
  • Waterproof, breathable, with sound and thermal insulation
  • Solar ventilator which reduces condensation considerably
  • Exceptional resistance to wind thanks to the locking mechanism and the fabric tension.
  • 5-year warranty

Soft Shell Tents

Our soft roof top tents are among the lightest on the market. They are also the fastest to open and close because they are above all automatic tents. Ultra-compact with their igloo shape, they offer unparalleled wind resistance.