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James Baroud

Built on the concept of the shell opening, it is the fastest of our roof tents in terms of opening and closing. In its category, compared to other tents on the market, it has the best waterproofness and the best wind resistance.

The compact model in the line of rooftop tents, the Discovery rooftop tent offers all the features of the larger models in a versatile and easy to manage size. The Discovery has two entrances and large wrap-around Windows that maximize airflow and provide a 240-degree view.

For extreme conditions, ventilation can also be assisted by the solar-powered ventilation system. Access to the tent is easily gained by using the folding ladder that comes standard with all James Baroud rooftop tents and attaches to either side of the tent.


The hard shell are made of  reinforced polyester glass and finished with gel-coat. The hard shell has two air slots, equiped with a dust filter that improves the ventilation inside the tent. The top streamlined hard shell is equiped with a rear aileron. The hard shell locking is ensured by two tailor-made locks. To fixation to the vehicule is made by two aluminium rails, built-in the under with six fixing points (M8 screws and self-locking bolts).

Outside dimensions: l=142cm L=200cm H=30cm
Inside dimensions: l=140cm L=198cm H=145cm


Rubber handle


A sliding ladder that adjusts to the height of the vehicle and prevents bending while you're in the tent
Aluminium ladder.

Non-slip and ergonomic stairs

Weight : 4.346kg

Length : 2.41cm 


Ladder features

Bevelled, anti-slip rubber feet for good adhesion to hard or soft floors.

The safety anchorages prevent the ladder from loosening.



The grey canvas consists of six aluminised layers that reflect the solar rays. This canvas is UV light resistant, water-resistant but permeable to air.With double seams and 100% water-resistant. The canvas is fitted under cabling in curved aluminium guides towards the outside of the shell, ensuring a perfect waterproofing and a strong wind resistance, even with wind gusts of 120km/h.

Door closed with a velcro strip for a perfect impermeability.

In accordance with ISO Standards:

Inside the tent

Inside the tent we have a high-density foam mattress. 
Mattress dimensions : 160x198cm

In accordance to ISO Standard:



The tent has a solar fan (CMV) with an on/off switch. The solar fan is silent and has a 24-hour battery which is rechargeable by an integrated solar panel. With a capacity of 19.2m3/h, this fan prevents condensation and helps evacuating the heat stored, thereby avoiding humidity and fungi.


Other uses of the solar fans in extreme conditions

The solar fans are used in other extreme conditions:


Information about the solar fans **

* Efficiency calculated when comparing hourly renewals inside the tent to the expected hourly renewals value for a two people bedroom according to ASHRAE standards: Ventilation for acceptable indoor Air Quality.
** According to Directive 2011/65/EU.


Each hard shell rooftop tent comes with a led lighting with rechargeable battery. It is removable. It has a lithium battery of 2600maH wich allows several hours of use.

Lamp features

- Cob - 130 lm + led - 45 lm
- Battery indicator
- On / off switch
- Unbreakable polycarbonate lens
- High precision reflector

Battery: 2600 mAH lithium
Brightness: 500 lm
Beam range: 200 m

Extra specifications

Hook, two magnets and usb charger


- Color of shell
Ref. 9003  (standard color)
Ref. 7046      
Ref. 9007  (metalized)       
Ref. 9005    

- Universal Tablet Support

- Thermal insulation 
Thermal insulation is easily placed inside the tent and you can close it without taking it out.
- Adventure Bag

Tüv Certification

All the James Baroud products have a certification granted by Tüv Rheinland.


User Guide

Click here to view the file /fotos/editor2/DISCOVERY_User_Guide.pdf

SME Leader/Excellence Award

   The company "Capaventure Lda" was distinguished by the quality of their performance and risk profile, as a SME leader 2016, by IAPMEI.
   The Company "Capaventure Lda" was distinguished by the quality of their performance and risk profile, as an 2015 Excellence SME, by IAPMEI.



The manufacturer reserves the right to carry out any changes without notice.
Width 140 cm
Length 200 cm
Open Height 130 cm
Closed Height 33.5 cm
Waterproof fabric
Capacity: 2 adults + 1 child
High density foam mattress
Interior storage
Automatic opening
Telescopic ladder
LED Flashlight
5 Year Warranty
Ventilation Solar Powered Fan
Weatherproof Wind Tested
Waterproof Wind Tested
Weight 65 KG
LED Flashlight Included
Warranty 5 years
Outshell Fiberglass
Suitable for most cars
Auto opening Strut Assisted