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Jean-Louis Schlesser
The ecletic pilot, he performed well on the circuits and africain deserts. On this last field, Jean-Louis Schlesser has become incontournable.
He won the Rally Dakar, the king of rally-raids, in 1999 and 2000.
In 1999, he won the first Africa Race. The french pilot won the following five editions and he became the main organizer of the event.

Gaillard Galopère
4 years of adventures of a couple always with their James Baroud roof top tent!

Overland Way
A young couple traveling the world by car while trying to inspire others to follow their own dreams!
They are driving around the world in car, they spend most of their time on the road, sleeping in the roof top tent.
They started in Australia, for two years now, and currently they are in Brazil. Their goal is to keep on the road for a few years longer.
"We are very proud in representing the brand James Baroud. We love all the tents and accessoires, they are high-quality and incomparable. We have to congratulate all the team by the quality products and customer orientation."

Uros Podlogar
Uros Podlogar has 33 years old. He lives in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital. From this city, located at a strategic crossroads of the Balkans, he inherited latin, germanic and slavic influences that make him very eclectic in his choices and lifestyle. As a photographer, he is passionate about everything related to adventure and nature. His work dictates his way of life... and vice-versa. Unrepentant traveller and adventurer, he spends his life around the world. Amoung his clients, there are some famous brands, Sony Global Imaging, Peli watertight, Toyota and Dji Drones. Through his operations, he travels in areas where the roads network is really bad. In this case, he and his girlfriend circulate with a magnificent Hilux with a James Baroud rooftop tent.
"Why James Baroud?" he said, when we asked him about his choice. "Because in my area, I don't have time to loose and I can't work with unreliable material. I need to be 100% concentrated on my job and I can't waiste time thinking if I will be sleeping in good conditions. But there is more: with the panoramic view, my girlfriend and I, we have the fullness communion with Nature, that we had never found in any other rooftop tent. However, there is a problem, in the morning with all the windows opened, it is very difficult to leave the tent."

Kayli Postolese
Fueled by the outdoors, Kayli Postolese is an avid solo hunter and explorer located in Colorado.
She explores the roads less traveled in a Toyota Tacoma and can often be found in the woods hunting or photographing animals.

Tyler McCaul - Pro Mountain Biker
Little by little, the world woke up to Tyler's talent for smooth lines and large airs. 
By 2010, he found his way to Red Bull Rampage and managed an impressive 12th place finish.
In 2012, he took an outstanding fifth, and in 2013 he found himself in the spotlight, building one of the biggest step-downs in the event's history.
In 2015, Tyler and his dig crew topped their 2013 drop with an even bigger build, a simply gigantic jump dubbed El Presidente, and he landed it clean in practice. 

Wecangoanywhere - Agathe et Mathieu
Two travel fanatics who went for an off-road adventure for one year.

Nick Ventura - Become1
Nick has produced shows on almost every outdoor network and has a knack for creating stories and pulling out emotion that draws in an audience.
He has made his living as a field producer and editor in the outdoor industry, and has worked with some of the top shows in the business.

Tom Petry - Become1
Tom's background in outdoor television stretches out more than 15 years. Tom is more recently known for his passion to educate others in Outdoor Video & Production.
He has taught many individuals, that currently make their living today in the outdoor industry and will admit that for him to continue to reach his goals, means he is helping others, to reach theirs.
They say those who can't do, teach. However, Tom was genetically engineered to do both and loves every second of what he does.