James Baroud

Ladder XXL

Available sizes

Telescopic ladder James Baroud in aluminum with 304 cm and useful for vehicles with extra height
The ladder is adjustable to the vehicle height and flexible to match the movement when people move inside the tent. With non-slip and ergonomic steps, it is sent with a bag made of our canvas and PVC, to avoid sand and water going inside the tent.

James Baroud Stairs being usedJames Baroud Stairs container

It has a lock mechanism after attached so it doesn't fall even with high winds and rain, it also has a rubber finishing in the bottom so it sticks to every terrain.

James Baroud Stairs detailJames Baroud Stairs detailJames Baroud Stairs detail

Foram testadas para aguentar o peso de até 250kg (clique para aumentar)

James Baroud Stairs test on 50kgJames Baroud Stairs test on 250kg

Open Height 3.04
Weatherproof Wind Tested
Telescopic ladder